About Me

Website  Enthusiast and Blogger

My Name Is

Adhi Hermawan


Someone who wants to learn everything knowledge, business interests, content creators, writers, designers, and likes to share anything about life. Flexible in getting along, mingling with anyone who has a vision for the future.

My Activity

I have daily activities both at work and business and also education.


IT Support at Rotasi.co.id

Rotasi.co.id is Nasional Media Company. I work as a information and technology digital specialist. My daily life is support system and maintenance website.


Content Creator at Lokabisnis.com

Create content about business at lokabisnis.com. Share business knowledge, be interested in business discussions and develop millennial business portals.


Entrepreneur at Elhad.id

I also sell a variety of services and products that can generate passive and active income. My product is via umkm and the network of friends. Not to enrich themselves, just help friends.


Advisors at Daarul Awwabiin Boarding School

As an advisor to the Daarul Awwabiin Boarding School, I support every mission to grow up education. Always keep the da’wah to continue together, because each of us are preachers.


Student at Almanar Sharia College

I am continuing my studies in the field of sharia law at the Almanar campus. Do daily activities by learning and keep learning. Interested in sharia law for the benefit of the people.

Skills & Expertise


Content Writer

Blogger and Copywriter

  • 90% 90%

Graphic Designer

CorelDRAW and Adobe Photoshop

  • 95% 95%


Product and Wedding Photographer

  • 78% 78%

Video Editor

Adobe After Effect and Premier Pro

  • 83% 83%

Web Developer

Company Profile and Landing  Press

  • 87% 87%

Digital Marketing

IG-FB Ads, Tiktok Ads and Goolge Ads

  • 80% 80%


Coming Up

Upcoming Project


YouTube channel that will discuss the ins and outs of business. Presents news about business that is updated and factual.


Portal for murojaah alquran to facilitate repeating memorization of the Qur’an. Complete with interesting information about the Qur’an.